Freight insurance


Offer an insurance of freight that secure our customers merchandise on their export and imports by air, overseas and land and minimize the economic impact in case of sinister during the course in the logistic chain. The competitive advantage of our insurance will be reflected through:

  • A simple process to our customers
  • Global coverage and competitive price

Note: the Mexican importers and exporters should be the beneficiaries and be on line with the corresponding INCOTERM and indicate their responsibility during the transportation of the freight.

  • Quick quotes
  • Expeditious issuance policy
  • Global coverage (door/door)
  • Against all risk
  • Reduce paperwork / administrative procedures
  • Actual payment per claim in case complaint and case by case
  • is not a condition performed by the FREIGHT with us.

(*)The following products or goods will not covered by our insurance:

Certain dangerous cargoes (IMO1, 2, and 3)

  • Weapons and Ammunition.
  • Fauna and Flora.
  • Live animals.
  •  Gems and jewelery.
  •  Snuff and snuff substitutes prepared (-puros- cigars, cigarettes and other).
  •  Psychotropic substances.
  •  Works of art and antiques -Cristal and glass.
Coverage Start

All insurable merchandise (+view exclusions) will be protected beginning the day and time coverage is requested and the policy will be active at the moment your international transport starts from the origin.

The coverage of our services is detailed on our certificate and protects the moving freight just like is mention on the knowledge of the shipment (B/L), air guide or bearing letter of the grown transport involved:

  • Door to door
  • Total coverarge
  • No deductible for the insurable general merchandise
  • General fault
  • Coverage on loading and unloading
  • Covers until 60 days in medium traffic
To have in your account
  • Used commodity and/or transport in open containers is secured with stranding coverage.
Especial conditions

Some condititons apply for the land section inside Mexico

  • Coverage toys inside México
  • Merchandise carrying custodies
  • Survey and pre-boarding
  • Unmanufactured hides and skins
Insured value

The mínimum to ensure is the invoice value or FOB You can optionally add:

  • Freight value
  • Office expenses
  • Taxes and contributions
  • Until 10% of imaginary profit

The corresponding bounty is calculated by the total.


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