Foreing trade consutling

  • Studies on certification of origin of goods
  • Administration and control of the IMMEX program
  • Take control of inventory and temporary import downloads of the IMMEX program.
  • Determination and payment deferral tariff of the TLCAN and TLCAELC.
  • Defend our company´s interest in Administrative procedures in customs matters (PAMA´S)
  • Study, preparation, presentation and administrative appeals relief, trials of nullity and protection
  • Depend our company interests if reviews or audits by the authority, either cabinet or home visit.
  • Contract preparation for professional services of custom agents.
Close-up of business partners hands over papers discussing them
  • Design and implementation of strategies and tax-customs foreign trade
  • We keep informed of reforms and charges to our customers through our customs and foreign trade prontuario
  • Interpretation of free trade agreements, trade agreements, laws, regulation and rules on tax-customs and foreign trade matters
  • Preparation, simplification and implementation of operational processes and or operation manuals.
  • Consulting in negotiations, purchasing and international sales.
Annex 24 (Audits)
  • We have 3 types of review or internal audits:
  • Diagnostics. – Consisting of a revision to a small sample that allow us to determine in which area the problem exist and may require for a deeper further review.
  • Audits 80-20.- consist of reviewing a percentage of the operations that will allow us to have elements to qualify risks.
  • Audits 100%.- consist of reviewing all the operations when you have high risk and most of the operations are different.
  • The most common revisions are to give the information reported on pediments and supporting documents, certificates of origin, legal stay active, IMMEX program management, inventory control and discharge of temporary import tariff differentiation compliance, etc.


The training’s main purpose is to improve the current and future performance of the workforce, by overcoming the basic knowledge, perfecting specific to discover and put into practice efficient ways to perform their duties skills.

To meet the dynamic changes as foreign trade, its audit and diversity of provisions, it requires better trained staff with a comprehensive approach for optimal results

Our courses have been developed in a dynamic and comprehensive ranging from legal foundation to practical application in each case manner.

Considering the dynamism and the current demand for foreign trade community, our firm offers courses in the following variants:

Open courses: organized by our firm, giving launching and signing community stakeholders

Complete 4 to 8 hrs topics.

Dynamic modules of 1 to 2.5 hrs

Particular curses: the contracting can choose the curse and topics to be teach and determined when can be place and date:

1.- Companies.- to provide its staff

2.-  Organisms or custom house agents: to Staff or customers

Ask for a list of available courses from our firm.


In order to perform and with the certainty that will be obtained in accordance with the needs of the Company, we manage for you:

  • Authorization programs to promote exports (IMMEX, PROSEC,ALTEX, DRAW BACK).
  • RULES 8th. (Permanent and temporary).
  • Import Permits.
  • Register of Accredited Persons (RUPA).
  • Annual reports of foreign trade operations.
  • Statistics report INEGI.
  • Change of migratory quality FM2, FM3.
  • Registration standards of importers and individual sectors.
  • Registration of certified business to the Directorate General of Customs enterprises.
  • Reference operation of Glosa to Customs house.

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