Commitment to quality and best price

Our specialty is service:

• Administration, management and control at any stage of the supply chain.

• International and domestic freight in any form (air, sea, land or intermodal).

• Door to door service. For imports or exports.

• All the operation can be integrated into a single bill.

• Administration of your purchase order.

• Communication continues by radio, telephone, e-mail, MSN and Skype.

• Management of hazardous products, bulk products and excess dimensions shipments.

 Our Services


We have a real commitment to cost reduction benefit our customers directly. Our pricing department works 24 hrs. getting the best rates.

We are a company dedicated to comprehensive transportation service for the import and export of all kinds of goods, in addition to an excellent transport network for domestic cargo.

Tax counseling

These are some of the services our firm provides tax, customs and foreign trade matters. Regarding our system Material Control, this is very useful for companies with an IMMEX program, and which stipulates an obligation according to the Customs Law (Article 59) and the Decree IMMEX (Article 24, Section IX) , which you can avoid some of the following risks:

• Temporary Suspension of imports.

• Lack of ability to demonstrate the return on imports under SAT.

• Falling into the crime of smuggling for exceeding the authorized limits.

• Payment of taxes and fines from 130 to 150%, losing the benefits of NAFTA and Prosec.